After designing the new logo for "Happy Movers" company I was asked to redesign their new site. My main concern was to create something fun to interact with and be able to make a connection with the new logo which is influenced by the popular game of "Tetris". The concept behind it is that the movers stack objects like a tetris game to save up space and money from their client and I wanted something to reflect the company's name.
For the site I decided to use the two main colors that are blue and orange. I did not have a lot of material to help me as far as text and photos are concerned so I had to design something really simple and minimalistic while implementing a connection to the logo.
One of my client's request was to create a form that their clients can fill in order to get an offer. Instead of doing that I came up with the idea that the person that visits the site can upload photos, using their computer or smartphone, that the movers can receive via an email. This will minimise the time and effort of the user by a lot!
For this I had the help of Chris Mavridis that is the developer behind this project.

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