“Violets and Hyacinths”
a play about all that's left

This is an optimistic play that discusses the reality of people living with dementia, while also highlighting the importance of communication, through real stories of elderly people, as they have been narrated to the producers of the show. Over the past 6 years, the producers have been visiting nursing homes in Athens and have been offering a unique model of entertainment that they have developed, which aims to improve the lives of those struggling with Alzheimer's and dementia. Their work at the care homes, led to the play. The play aims to encourage dialogue around the issue and to gradually remove the stigma and the fear that comes with dementia.

[The title of the play is actually an old greek song, “Menexedes ke zoumboulia”. It’s the favorite song of the elders living in care homes]

The play is about people with dementia, so the poster had to communicate this. I believe that sometimes it's better to send a strong message without stating the obvious. My first thoughts were about the walnut, which has a very similar shape with the human brain. But this has been used loads of times. So, my thoughts evolved and I used the sliced walnut shell and on the last moment I added some words to show what is left after dementia comes.
The poster was printed on 5000 copies οn 50cm x 70cm and 5500 copies οn 35cm x 50cm and it circulated all over Athens. 
In addition to the poster which was welcomed enthusiastically by the actors, the production team and the sponsors, I proceeded with the creation of the theater program which includes some useful data about Alzheimer's and dementia. It was provided free of charge along with the theater tickets in order to raise some awareness about the matter.
Finally, I also designed a flyer that was shared in the streets of Athens. It was printed οn 2500 copies.
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