Here are some illustrations I have created for CD packaging and not only. Most of them are more on the dark side of things...
This illustration is inspired by a song called "Lethe" from the Swedish band Dark Tranquillity. The song is about someone with a drinking problem, for me though it is a love song...

If you want to learn more on mythological "Lethe" visit:
This is a rejected cover art. I was, clearly, influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. The concept behind this work is that Leonardo created the perfect man. Nowadays parents try to do the same with their children but on the way the world brainwashes and poisons them and the result is... corrosion!
Kinetic hired me to create the cover art + CD packaging for their second album called "Corrosion". What can be more corroded than child abuse which can exist in many forms.
Erisma was a Greek band that played rock with influences from many kinds of genres like hip-hop and electronic music. I created the cover and the booklet of the CD which was released from Archangel Music.

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