Restaurant-bar in Samos island
Chorou Tomi
Experimental logo for architectural office created using the golden section proportion
The 711 logo
was created on behalf of a group of actors that created their own team. I tried to capture the diversity and variety an actor should have and also how theater and actors are reflections of the real world. The two colors were chosen to be in contradiction to each other in order to emphasise the many personalities an actor must adopt even within the same play.
is the name of a retail shop which means "without" in Italian. So I thought that something should be missing!
SPAZ 30 years anniversary logo
Volunteer project for the 30 years of SPAZ which is an community for the welfare of animals
Proposal logo for the illness
Proposal logo for online magazine
Stefanos' Villa
Logo for minimalistic luxurious villa
China - Greece
Proposal logo for business convention 
Online jewels' shop
Logo for online bookshop
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